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AegisGuard LP Radiation Shields - The Necessary Accessory
RF & EMF Shielding Protection For Homes,
Offices, Hospitals, Factories, etc.
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Without AegisGuard™ LP
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AegisGuard™ LP Radiation Shields
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With AegisGuard™ LP

AegisGuard™ LP Radiation Shields are a safe additive for interior and exterior latex and latex acrylic primers and paints. It provides the most effective shielding solution available for painted surfaces in homes, offices. hospitals, data centers and other facilities from the radiation emitted by wireless networks, masts and devices, power lines and transformers, etc. They do not absorb radiation, contain metal or other conductive materials, and grounding is not required, making it an ideal shielding solution for painted equipment enclosures and cabinets.

Consisting of proven shielding technology, AegisGuard™ LP protects users from both high and low frequencies generated by sources inside or outside of buildings. It incorporates proprietary shielding technologies that protect occupants from unwanted airborne electrical and wireless radiation frequencies, while allowing desired wireless communication to operate unimpeded. Simply mix 1 container of AegisGuard™ LP with 1 gallon (U.S. or imperial) of any primer or paint brand. Apply 2 coats to surfaces to be shielded following the primer or paint manufacturer's application and safety instructions for a shielding effectiveness between 99.990% to 99.998%.

Standard models shield frequencies between 5 Hz. to 30 GHz., (shown above), 120 GHz., 360 GHz., or 1.1 THz., at power levels from 1 milliwatt (0.001 Watt) to 25 Watts. Custom models for higher, or specific frequencies and power levels are manufactured to order. is extremely effective for individuals suffering from the effects and discomfort of being electrosensitive (IEI-EMF, EHS, and ES). The low frequency shielding effectiveness is an important distinction due studies confirming low frequency health risks, particularly for children.

Prior to the 30 GHz. product (shown above) announcement in 2015, six homes within close proximity to both power transmission lines and cell phone or microwave towers located in 3 different countries were tested by 3 independent testing laboratories for a continuous 1 year period to confirm the shielding effectiveness remained consistent without degradation. The shielding effectiveness exceeds the requirements specified by MIL-STD-285, IEEE 299 and Human RF exposure limits as set forth in FCC OET Bulletin 65.

AegisGuard™ LP Radiation Shields are non-conductive and deflect radiation frequencies away from the user instead of absorbing them (for wireless products such as cell phones, the World Health Organization does not recommend the use of shielding products claiming to absorb radiation). Since these radiation frequencies are deflected, rather than being absorbed, grounding is unnecessary because the saturation and seepage normally occurring within a few minutes of using an absorption type of shield does not occur. It is an excellent cost effective shielding solution for anybody concerned about the health effects of radiation frequencies upon the body and has provided relief to thousands of people worldwide who suffer from electrosensitivity.

Compatible with all other AegisGuard™ radiation shielding products, AegisGuard™ LP Radiation Shields are available in single and five-unit package size Models.

And like all Aegis products, AegisGuard™ LP Radiation Shields have a 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

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Corporate Wellness Programs
Many companies have in-house wellness programs to provide their employees with health related facilities, products and information. Millions of people use wireless products for business purposes every day and AegisGuard™ L Series Radiation Shields are a perfect addition to these programs. Click here for additional information.

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