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AegisGuard Radiation Shields - The Necessary Accessory
Phone Radiation News Articles And Papers
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Cell phone and other radiation articles and papers presented on this page were published between January - April, 2000, and are listed in descending chronological sequence. Select a date range from the left side of this paragraph for news articles and papers published in other time periods.
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Title Source Date
British Mobile Phones To Have Health Warnings Reuters April 29, 2000
Phones Report To Call For Cash For Study The Journal April 29, 2000
New Warning On Mobile Phones Hong Kong Standard April 25, 2000
Beware - Using A Mobile Can Ruin Your Sex Life  Sunday Mirror April 16, 2000
Mobile Phones Alert Gulf Daily News April 14, 2000
Yacking Yourself To Death Interactive Week April 10, 2000
Danger Signals Courier-Mail April 7, 2000
Experts Debate Safety Of Earpieces For Cell Phone Jerusalem Post April 6, 2000
Health Hazards Hanging On The Mobile Phone Voila April 6, 2000
Mobile Phone Inquiry Widens Herald Sun April 6, 2000
Phone Scare - Firms Hit Back This Is London April 4, 2000
Hands-Free Mobiles 'Increase Radiation Risk' The Guardian April 4, 2000
Mobile Phones - Are There Health Risks? BBC Online April 03, 2000
Cell Phone/Brain Tumor Connection Unclear Newsbytes April 03, 2000
US Probe On Cell Phone Damage Courier-Mail March 31, 2000
New Evidence Links Mobiles To Cancer Wired March 30, 2000
Mobile Phones Report Claims 'Strongest Link Yet' To Cancer Reuters March 27, 2000
Bill Would Post Health Warning On Cellphones Jerusalem Post March 23, 2000
173 MP's Express Their Concerns Re: Mobile Phones Evening Post March 17, 2000
Consumer Group Says China Cell Radiation Levels Unsafe Consumidor March 16, 2000
National Brain Tumor Foundation - Cell Phones And Brain Tumors: A Bad Connection? PR Newswire March 6, 2000
Cellular Phone EMFs Raise Blood Pressure Our Toxic Times March, 2000
How Mobile Phones Can Damage Your Brain The Express February 29, 2000
Convenience Not Such A Brainwave Canberra Times February 28, 2000
Israeli Insurer Offers Mobile Phone Illness Policy Reuters February 21, 2000
Researchers Probe Cell-Phone Effects Science News February 12, 2000
Cell Phone Side- Effects Tested Reuters February 11, 2000
Radio Frequency Radiation Emissions of Wireless Communication Devices (CDRH) FDA February 08, 2000
Blood Test Measures Radiation Damage University At Buffalo February 3, 2000
Mobile Phones Are Akin To Cyanide, Says Academic Register February 6, 2000
Hot Line To Trouble: Should Parents Be Giving In To Their Children's Demands And Buying Them Mobile Phones? Belfast Telegraph January 13, 2000
ELF-Pulsed Magnetic Fields Modulate Opioid Peptide Gene Expression In Myocardial Cells (abstract) University of Sassari January 10, 2000
Scientists Will Not Rule Out Cancer Phone Link Courier Mail January 7, 2000
Health Alert As Youth Craze Fuels Mobile Phones Boom The Express January 6, 2000
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