Aegis Announces AegisGuard™ LL Radiation Shields For Washable Fabrics
Aegis Corporation Launches Proven Radiation Shielding Technology For Washable Clothing 

Wildwood, Missouri – June 22, 2009 - Aegis Corporation, the leading manufacturer of personal radiation shielding products for wired and wireless products, today announced the availability of its AegisGuard™ LL Radiation Shields for clothing and other washable fabrics. Compatible with all other AegisGuard™ products, AegisGuard™ LL Radiation Shields are the newest addition to the AegisGuard™ L (Life) Series Radiation Shield family of products.

AegisGuard™ LL Radiation Shields are a fragrance-free, hypoallergenic powder added to the final rinse water for all machine and hand washed fabrics. It protects users from environmental airborne radiation generated by wired and wireless products, including cell phones, cell phone masts, power transmission lines and transformers, and electronic equipment used by consumers, offices and industry.

In addition to 40 different garments successfully tested for 24 hours each by 3 independent testing laboratories, a 6 month field test consisting of 100 participants was also conducted to test product performance and to ensure allergic or skin reactions did not occur. 18 of the participants claimed to suffer from the effects of electrosensitivity and 16 reported significant relief after using the product. There were no allergic or skin reactions reported by any participants.

“We are all involuntarily exposed to airborne non-ionizing radiation generated by power lines, electronic products, wiring in the home and office, wireless phones, and cell phone mast antennas that penetrates clothing and is absorbed by our body organs,” said a company spokesperson. “Respected scientists and others involved with the wired and wireless product radiation controversy believe the widespread use of these products represents the largest epidemiological experiment in history using unwilling test subjects. It is important to understand that no regulatory agency or scientist has ever stated, without caveats, that these emissions are safe.” 

AegisGuard™ Radiation Shields have been commercially available since 1998 and are sold by authorized dealers worldwide. For information about AegisGuard™ products or reseller opportunities, please visit Web site visitors can register to receive "e-mail alerts" when new wireless radiation related information or new products are added.

To become an Aegis dealer, investigate OEM applications, or include AegisGuard™ Radiation Shields in Corporate Wellness Programs, please visit the web site or contact Aegis at (636) 273-1011.

About Aegis Corporation
Aegis is a leading innovator, developer and manufacturer of radiation shielding and laser products. Since 1974, the company has developed and manufactured a wide range of technology based solutions, including AegisGuard™ Phone Radiation Shields, AegisGuard™ Headset Radiation Shields, LExtender® laser layout tools, Technical Horizons® radio modems and fiber optic products.

The company's long-standing reputation in the industry has been built upon an absolute commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Aegis Corporation is headquartered in Wildwood,
Missouri and privately held.

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