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Thai Minister Considers Phone Ban For Teenagers
April 05, 2002

Thailand's interior minister is considering a mobile phone ban for teenagers.

Purachai Piemsomboon says the move could be necessary if health risks continue to be ignored.

He says Japanese research has found evidence that handsets emit radiation harmful to brain cells.

He also suggested constant phone use could have contributed to problems suffered by Thailand's Prime Minister this week.

Thaksin Shinawatra is currently in hospital suffering with an ear infection. His doctors have blamed his ailment on overwork and frequent flying.

Mr Purachai told reporters: "I would like to urge parents to keep a close eye on their children who chat for very long on mobile phones."

He says a law might be necessary if the warning is ignored.

Thailand's Interior Minister previously made waves with a campaign against slack morals in Thailand.

He has ordered the country's nightspots and bars to close by 2am and has cracked down on youths under 18 entering them altogether.

Teenagers have also been barred from internet cafes or video game arcades after 10pm.

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