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Keep Children Away From Mobile Phones Says Expert
July 31, 2001

German parents have been urged to stop children using mobile phones over radiation fears.

The head of the country's radiation protection board criticised phone companies for disregarding concern about the siting of transmission masts.

Wolfram Koenig said evidence has yet to emerge that mobile phones can cause health problems, but urged caution until scientists can dismiss possible links with ailments such as eye cancer and leukaemia.

"Parents should keep their children away from this technology as far as possible," Mr Koenig, a member of Germany's Greens party, said. "Some people are very sensitive to radiation."

He said companies should give residents a greater say in deciding where to put the transmitters needed to relay mobile phone signals, especially the thousands of new masts for next-generation UMTS services.

Schools and hospitals should be avoided completely, he said.

He also urged companies not to target children in advertising and to print the radiation level on the handset, not just in the packaging, so consumers can judge the risk for themselves.

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