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We Are Not Phone Mast Guinea Pigs
Bexley Times
May 11, 2006

Angry residents have vowed to battle a mast being built near their homes.

Mobile phone giant Orange has submitted plans to Bexley council to install a 10 metre mast at the junction of Penhill Road and Harcourt Avenue, Sidcup.

Ian Brooks, of Penhill Road, claims residents have fears over potential health risks and believes the mast will be an eyesore.

He said: "We will fight this application to the very end. The residents in our area feel very strongly against such a mast, we have already fought off two previous applications from another firm.

"The Government has now conceded that radiation levels may not be safe and now we are expected to be guinea pigs under a mobile phone mast until the facts are proven."

Resident Wade Freeman said: "We will obviously do everything in our power to prevent this mast from being erected, not merely from a health perspective, though this will be our main point of concern, but also from an environmental view."

Orange spokesman Jacqueline Sibanda said: "Base stations are extremely low powered and in order to provide good coverage, they have to be located close to the demand.

"Communities have been happy to have radio and television transmitters all around them for the past 80 years.

"Base stations are essentially low powered radio transmitters and therefore there is no reason for them to be considered more dangerous than broadcast transmitters."

A Bexley council spokeswoman confirmed an application had been submitted.

She added that the consultation period is due to end on May 24 and it will go to a committee meeting on June 15.

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