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Health Warning On Mobile Phone Use
Borneo Bulletin
Journalist: Rosli Abidin Yahya
January 21, 2003

Future productions of mobile phones may need to be accompanied with health warnings in compliance with a new ruling by Britain, the wordings of such warning are to be finalised soon.

However, producers of mobile phone in Britain may not need to extend such compliance to their export products. The requirement is only applied to all brands of mobile phones sold in Britain.

Such precedent move set by Britain may soon be followed by other nations.

The health warnings required for handphones would not be as extreme as those found on every packet of cigarette as implemented by many nations of the world including Brunei Darussalam which had long implemented the requirement for cigarette.

The health warning regulation on mobile phones to be implemented in Britain is aimed to remind users to exercise extreme care when using their mobile phones.

Research on the dangers posed by radiation emitted by mobile phones still continues and so far there is no conclusive evidence that such radiation may endanger the health of users.

Such health warnings are only meant to advice users especially parents who buy handphones for their children to take precaution.

Researchers believed that children are at the highest risk from the radiation emitted from the devices.

Last year, the Borneo Bulletin had published a report stating that no evidence so far can ascertain that use of mobile phone may damage health. But neither could it be proven that mobile phone utilisation is harmless.

The report recommended that the widespread use of mobile phones by children should be discouraged but it is up to parents to make an "informed choice".

Mobile phones are very popular in Brunei Darussalam with the number of users approaching 200,000. More than half the population including children is now believed to have at least one mobile phone.

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