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Legal Warning Over Phone Mast Decisions
Chester Chronicle
June 02, 2006

A political group has warned councillors they could be indicted for corporate manslaughter.

England's Parliamentary Party (EPP) collaborated with a pressure group called Masts Away from Schools Homes and Hospitals (MASHH), in a letter to the leader of Chester City Council, Paul Roberts (Lib Dem, Farndon).

The correspondence said if anyone was found to have been killed by radiation from a phone mast, criminal charges could be brought.

It said: 'England's Parliamentary Party is totally opposed to the location of these masts in populated areas and, hereby, formally puts you on notice that you may, as part of the decision-making process, be indicted for corporate manslaughter should a fatality occur resulting from illness deemed to be attributable to the emissions from these masts.

'You owe a duty of care to the people within the boundaries of this council and your decisions with regard to the location of telecommunications masts could breach that duty of care.

'As a result of that breach, should it cause a person's death, the law of negligence must be applied; if so, whether that breach of duty is so bad as to amount, when viewed objectively, to gross negligence, it will warrant a criminal conviction.'

Malcolm Harle, of MASHH, said his group was formed after residents fought against the siting of a mast in Westminster Park, close to a nursery.

He said: 'We are very concerned with the health implications but the Government at national and local level aren't listening. We realised pretty early on we needed political help.'

Cllr Roberts said: 'They are making some disgraceful threats without a shred of legal justification. In any planning decision, we listen to the best advice from Government and other professionals and we will always follow that advice.'

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