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12 March 2002 3/2002
pursuant to Rule 51 of the Rules of Procedure

by Michael Cashman, Arlene McCarthy, Elizabeth Lynne and Caroline Lucas

On The Risks Of Exposure To Electromagnetic Fields From Radio Frequency Antennas And Mobile Telephones

Lapse date: 12 June 2002

Declaration on the risks of exposure to electromagnetic fields from radio frequency antennas and mobile telephones

The European Parliament,

- whereas public concern has recently escalated regarding the public health risks of exposure to electromagnetic fields from radio frequency antennas and mobile telephones,

- having regard to the inevitable expansion of the telecom industry in the light of increasing globalisation,

- having regard to the work already undertaken on this subject by the Commission,

- concerned by the alarming evidence which calls into question the safety of electromagnetic fields and the alarming lack of conclusive data indicating their safety,

- having regard to the use of the precautionary principle by the EU,

1. Calls for a temporary moratorium on the erection of masts which emit electromagnetic radiation, pending further scientific results/research;

2. Calls on the European Institutions to produce public awareness raising information for citizens on the possible health risks of using mobile telephones, especially their use by young children;

3. Calls for further research to be undertaken in order that citizens can make informed decisions about the use of mobile telephones and that the EU and Member States can adopt informed legislation regarding the siting of masts, especially in densely populated areas and, in particular, near children's facilities;

4. Calls for clear, visible safety warnings to accompany mobile telephones and related equipment;

5. Instructs its President to forward this declaration to the Council and Commission.

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