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173 MP's Express Their Concerns Re: Mobile Phones
Evening Post
Journalist: Chris Maguire
March 17, 2000

Jim Mochnacz, Lib Dem Member for Street at Mendip District Council, and campaigner about health problems associated with mobile phones, said "I am encouraged that so many MPs (173 and rising) are now expressing their concerns to Cabinet Ministers about mobile phones and masts via this EDM 56 (Early Day Motion)."

"The Government say that there is no conclusive proof of a threat to health. Nevertheless, studies undertaken in Australia, Poland, Sweden and the United States have raised the spectre of dizzy spells, fatigue, headaches,  memory loss, skin irritation, damage to the immune system, brain damage and cancer." said Cllr Jim Mochnacz. 

" There is a blatant conflict of interests when government is on one hand supposed to be considering many scientific reports and public concerns about microwaves from mobile phones and on the other receiving billions of pounds in an auction from five mobile phone companies for the next (third) generation of mobile phones. It is a disgrace and potentially,
like BSE, has a strong likely-hood of coming back to haunt us."

Mendip District Council was the first council in England to adopt (April 99) the "Precautionary Principle" to keep the mobile phone masts away from schools and hospitals.