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Environmentalists Object To Cellcom Marketing Cell Phones To Children
Journalists: Gadi Golan and Vered Sharon-Rivlin
July 29, 2002

Life and Environment, the environmental roof organization, is opposing Cellcom's campaign, which focuses on children through various marketing channels. Life and Environment says that children are more vulnerable to cellular radiation. The organization demands that Disney remove its sponsorship from Cellcom's marketing campaign, which appeals to seven year-old children and is aimed at increasing their use of cell phones.

Life and Environment asserts that scientific studies published in recent year show that children are liable to be more vulnerable than adults to the effects of cellular radiation, since their nervous systems are still being formed.

A key study by an independent group of British scientists, which was endorsed by the British government 18 months ago, recommended that children's cell phone use be restricted. The researchers also specifically recommended that advertising and promotion of children's cell phone use be avoided.

Adv. Or Karsin of Life and Environment sent an urgent letter to the CEO of Disney Israel. She demanded that the company refrain from cooperating with an advertising campaign that is liable to put children at risk. Karsin wrote that Walt Disney Holding (NYSE: DIS), the parent company of Disney Israel, is known for its concern for the safety and welfare of children everywhere, and it was therefore surprising to find the company taking part in an advertising campaign for a product liable to put children using it at risk.

Disney Israel said in response that the advertising campaign was family-oriented, and was not intended to increase or encourage the use of cell phones by small children.

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