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Mobile Phones: Not So Useful
Indian Express
Journalist: Amrita Chaudhry
May 29, 2005

Memory loss, Parkinson’s disease, impaired immunity, renal retardation and congenital defects are just some ill-effects caused by use of, now indispensable gizmo - mobile phone.

A study conducted by the Consumer Association of Penang (CAP), Malaysia, in association with the World Health Organisation (WHO) has found that mobile phones emit microwave radiations which can actually fry the brain. Children who are taking to mobile phones like fish to water are at a greater risk for, radiations from mobile phones penetrate skull and brain far deeper in children than adults, the study points out.

This document, published by CAP, is based on studies carried in various counteries like Britain, Sweden, Russia, the USA, Australia, Austria et al. The major findings of the study include that people using mobile phones are two-and-a-half times more prone to brain tumour, digital phone users have been known to develop non-Hodgkin’s disease in the lymph glands in neck, damage immune system and the DNA system of the body, raise blood pressures, cause Alzhmeimer, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease, decrease sex drive, headaches, diziness and concentration lapses are some of the other diseases to which mobile phone users, even with mediocre usage, are prone to.

The study says that mobile phones emit a low-level microwave radiation. More startling is the fact that even if one is within 200 metre of a mobile phone tower, it can be associated with an increased risk of a range of cancers and miscarriage, and also a higher risk of sleep disturbances and chronic fatigue which may lead to difficulties in learning.

Children are especially more vulnerable because of their developing nervous system.

The study suggests that it is the duty of the government to regulate the ill-effects caused by the increasing use of mobile phones. It also suggests formation of a task force to monitor the situation. It should be the responsibility of the government to see that children are not allowed to use mobile phones and that cell sites should be thoroughly checked while the towers are being erected, the report states. The report has a made a strong recommendation that cell sites should not be erected in residential areas or anywhere close to schools.

The report states that there would be 1.6 billion mobile phone users worldwide by 2005. Keeping in mind the ill-effects of the use of mobile phones, the WHO has initiated studies in 10 nations.

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