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Doctors Call On Ban On Mobiles For Teenagers
Khaleej Times
Journalist: Riyasbabu
December 16, 2005

The ubiquitous mobile phone, which is flaunted by school-going kids everywhere, may go out of reach of the children if medical practitioners have their way.

Doctors in the UAE have called upon the authorities to seriously consider imposing a ban on the use of mobile phones by kids since it can have adverse impact on their health.

Many doctors say that children absorb 50 per cent more radiation in their brains than adults and this could adversely affect vital organs like eyes and ears.

Dr Shabbir Saifuddin of Al Mussallah Medical Centre, Bur Dubai said that 21 countries around the world were considering a ban on the sale of mobile phones and chips to children under 16 years of age.

The UAE should also take this issue seriously, he added.

He said parents should restrict their children from using mobile phones to save them from possible health problems. Children's immune system will be adversely affected by the radiation from the mobile phones, he pointed out. He claimed that there was strong evidence to suggest that the pulses of the microwave used in GSM could affect the normal brain activity in children.