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Cell Phones Linked With Sleep Troubles
King 5 Television
Reporter: Jean Enersen
May 7, 2008

A recent study funded in part by cell phone makers themselves finds cell phones and sleep may not mix.

Doctors asked men and women between the ages of 18 and 45 to talk on cell phones before bed.

Some were exposed to radiation similar to a wireless signal. Other talked on "phoney" phones that released no radiation. Those exposed to radiation reported headaches, took longer to fall asleep and didn't sleep well through the night.

Scientists believe cell phone radiation may dial up the brain's stress system.

"Even having the phone in the room, if it was turned on, made a huge difference in the type of sleep you got," said Dr. Joanne Getsy, sleep specialist. "It prevented, it seemed to prevent deep sleep."

Getsy says we all need deep sleep to feel rested. It's crucial for teens, who produce hormones while sleeping.

"And so when you cheat kids out of a deep sleep, you are cheating them out of a period of time when their growth hormone is being secreted and we don't know what affect that will have long term," she said.

The take home message: Turn off those cell phones early in the evening and get them out of the bedroom.

If you're still tossing and turning when you should be fast asleep, Getsy says to take time to unwind before bed and cut out the caffeine after lunch.

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