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Is A Cell Phone Particularly Bad For A Developing Child?

Los Angeles Chronicle
Journalist: Evangeline Bruce
March 20, 2008

Adults and teens aren´t the only ones to whom cell phones are being marketed these days. Increasingly, children are getting into the cell phone use game, and have their own handsets that have been created to provide parental control, the right look, the desired tools and features, and security benefits such as GPS tracking by parents. However, some parents are starting to become concerned as to whether the electromagnetic radiation emitted by their childs cell phone may be impacting him or her development and health.

The United States and Britain, among other countries, have been closely studying the effects of cell phone use on the health of the users. Today, those studies now include children as well, as the latest cell phone using demographic. As of yet, these studies are not showing any indication that the use of cell phones can pose any harm to a developing child. However, so far, the only studies to have concluded an published their results are the cell phone carrying companies themselves, and therefore there are many people who have their doubts about how accurate those results actually are.

Scientists in the united states performed a study on more than ten thousand chicken embryos, which were exposed to electromagnetic radiation very similar to that emitted by cell phones. These chicken embryos commonly grew defects, leading to a warning for pregnant women about using cellular phones – especially on a regular basis. However, even after these results were published and the warning provided, cell phone companies continue to assure their customers that there are no health concerns regarding their products, and continue their own studies to prove this.

The University of Utah's Dr. Om Ghandi´s study demonstrated that children who use cell phones absorb up to twice as much of the radiation into their heads as their adult counterparts. The belief is that the cause of this is in the thickness of the childs ear. As a childs ear is thinner than that of an adult, the entire brain is exposed to twice as much radiation. Also, children hold the phones closer to their heads, and with every millimeter, a large difference in radiation results.

The other concern with children and cell phones is a security risk. Make sure to use a site such as to identify any unknown callers or text messages contacting your child.

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