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Hong Kong: No Health Warnings On Mobile Phones, Yet
Journalist: Adam Creed
February 22, 2001

As debate rages over a possible link between brain tumors and the use of mobile phones, the Hong Kong Government has no plans to require mobile network operators to include health warnings at present.

Answering a question in Hong Kong's Legislative Council on Wednesday, the Secretary for Information Technology and Broadcasting, Carrie Yau, said that there was no scientific evidence of a link.

Yau said that, in Hong Kong, "the issuance of health warning labels without sufficient evidence might cause unnecessary alarm."

She said that Hong Kong would not implement a mandatory labelling system - where the mobile phone's radiation emission level is marked on it - as there was no standard as yet.

Yau also said that the Government would not require mobile phone network operators to issue warnings on potential health hazards.

She added that Hong Kong would wait until an international study by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is completed ... in 2004.

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