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Food and Drug Administration Says Cell Phone Health Study Needs 5 Years
Reuters (April 09, 1997)
April 10, 1997

U.S. health officials say at least five years of research is needed to determine for sure whether wireless devices pose health risks. Speaking to an advisory panel, officials from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said that at this time they have no plans to request further regulation. The FCC, which regulates the manufacture of cellular phones, last year began requiring manufacturers to limit radiation emitted by their products. Some authority over the manufacture of wireless phones is also held by the FDA. Research sponsored by the cellular industry, including the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, has not uncovered any risk of cancer from the use of wireless devices. A 1996 joint study by the cell phone and pacemaker industries recommended people with pacemakers keep phones at least six inches away from their chests. FDA officials say animal studies point to a possible risk of tumors or genetic damage in the use of cell phones.