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Cell Phones Change Brain, Some Scientists Claim
Journalist: Lucas van Grinsven
November 18, 2001

Mobile phones may cause damage to health by speeding up the brain's response times, a British scientist told a recent conference.

As consumer concerns mount that prolonged mobile phone use could lead to problems ranging from headaches to tumors, a recent study showing an alarming rate of brain cancer in some cell phone users is helping swing scientific opinion in Britain.

Dr. Alan Preece, head of biophysics at the Bristol Oncology Centre, is among a group of scientists becoming increasingly convinced that radiation from cell phones triggers chemical processes in the body that may be harmful.

Six separate studies indicate that response times speed up when people are exposed to radio frequency signals from mobile phones.

"Perhaps we now have to accept there is an effect on the brain," Preece said.

"The response time has improved because of stress proteins, which are switched on by a gene. This needs further research. The chronic exposure to radio frequency signals might well have a detrimental [health] effect."

Stress proteins are produced when body temperature rises, but Preece and other scientists said they can also occur purely as a result of RF signals, when body temperature is normal.

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