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Beware - Using A Mobile Can Ruin Your Sex Life 
Sunday Mirror
April 16, 2000

How radiation cuts levels of testosterone.

Using a mobile phone could drastically reduce your sex drive, new research reveals. 

Exposure to mobile radiation appears to reduce levels of sex hormones released into the blood stream, a study has found. Researchers tested rats and mice using microwave radiation at lower levels similar to those emitted by mobile phones. They then examined the animals to determine the effects on their levels of testosterone - the hormone which determines sex drive. 

Scientists discovered that exposed rats had far less testosterone in their blood stream than those which remained unexposed. The higher the dose of radiation, the less testosterone was released by the body's glands, resulting in diminished sexual activity. 

The research was carried out by two Ukrainian scientists in Russia and has now been published in a British medical journal. The work is currently being examined by British scientists carrying out a similar study. 

Researchers found that the greatest effect on hormones came from pulsed microwave radiation - which is emitted from virtually all mobiles sold in Britain. 

The experiments were repeated many times...each time producing similar results. The study concludes: "Microwave exposure results in a decrease in levels of testosterone. The degree of decrease was dependent upon the power density applied." 

The revelations will add to mounting concern over the possible health affects of mobile phones. The devices have already been linked to cancer, short- and long-term memory 
loss, high blood pressure, heart disease and multiple sclerosis. 

Two weeks ago the Sunday Mirror - which has campaigned to highlight the dangers posed by mobiles - revealed the strongest links so far between microwave radiation and cancer. We also revealed that the Government is so concerned that it has quadrupled 
funds to research possible health risks. 

About 26 million people in Britain now own mobile phones, but that figure is expected to rise to 30 million by the end of this year. 

The Government-backed National Radiological Protection Board maintains that mobile phone radiation is well within safety limits. 

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