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Everyone Should Know The Risks
This Is London
June 19, 2002

When Karen Pauls, 45, and her husband Gerard bought their son Gary a mobile phone for his birthday in 1999, he was delighted.

The 18-year-old used it every day, and preferred it to the family phone. But within a year, a small lump had appeared on the side of his face which within six months had claimed his life.

Now his parents believe that the rare melanoma which killed their son was caused by his mobile phone. Mrs Pauls, from Bramhall in Cheshire, said more research was needed into their effects.

"He had never had a mole on his cheek until he had the phone. He hated the sun and only sat in the shade which has convinced us that there is a link between his cancer and the mobile phone.

"There are so many scientists providing contradictory evidence about mobile phones. But I would just like an answer to all this. Maybe they do cause cancer, maybe they don't. But I just want to know to put my mind at rest. Everyone needs to know what the risks are."