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Cellphones May Affect Nerves Around Ears
Times News
Journalist: Samiran ChakRawertti
January 16, 2005

Long exposure to cell phones is said to destroy memory, movement and learning-related cells, which are significant for children and teenagers. The head of UK's Radiological Board has recently advised parents not to give children below the age of 8 mobile phones because "a growing number of research shows that mobile phone use may have health implications".

Further, Italian researchers have said that leukemia cells multiplied faster when exposed to mobile phone radiation.

The radiation has also been linked to disturbed sleep patterns, headaches and fatigue. Electro-magnetic fields from mobile phone use before sleep are said to significantly increase brain activity during early sleep, leading to disturbed sleeping patterns.

Mobile phone use has also been associated with increased blood pressure, and the level of increase, it is claimed, is enough to trigger a heart attack or stroke in those at risk.

There is also the burning issue of where to keep mobile phones when they aren't in use. The shirt pocket is considered dangerous because the radiation emitted by the phone would be too close to the heart—this apart from reports that cell phones interfere with the functioning of pacemakers. Keeping them in pant pockets has been linked to a drop in sperm counts. Perhaps it's time to bring cargos back in fashion, with special phone holders in the pockets around the knees—there doesn't seem to be any research linking mobile phones with arthritis just yet.

Apart from this, there is also the relatively recent phenomenon of exploding cell phones, though it appears that most of these are due to inferior-quality unbranded batteries. All in all, the greatest acknowledged risk for cell phones users is still the vintage 'distraction leading to a road accident'.

News of these hazards has led to several interesting innovations. Radiation shields are available, which can cut out more than 90 per cent of the harmful radiations from cell phones. Where others saw a health hazard, Levi's saw a business opportunity. They developed a range of trousers that have a cell phone pocket with a special anti-radiation lining.

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