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Your Cellular Phone Is Killing You
Turkish Daily News
July 22, 2000

Association of Surgeons for the Environment: The rapid increase in cellular phone usage and the accompanying rise in the number of GSM base stations has reached the point where they pose a serious threat to health

At a press conference held by the Istanbul Chamber of Physicians and the Association of Surgeons for the Environment, a joint announcement was made concerning the danger to health posed by cellular phones and base stations, the Anatolia news agency reported yesterday.

Dr. Umit Sahin, reading the statement, explained that the risks electromagnetic waves pose to human health had increased significantly due to the sharp increase in technology in daily life and added: "The rapid increase in cellular phone use and the accompanying rise in the number of GSM base stations has reached the point where they pose a serious threat to health. Results of intensive laboratory study and epidemiological research show the correlation between those exposed to electromagnetic radiation and health problems. The immune system, the nervous system, neuroendocrines and blood parameters are all negatively affected by this radiation."

Sahin stressed that people must be aware that children, the old and infirm, and pregnant mothers are most at risk from the dangers posed by electromagnetic radiation. He could not stress highly enough the importance of refraining from building base stations in parks, churches, schools and hospitals, emphasizing that signposts should indicate the areas where they have been constructed. Sahin cited a case where permission had been given for base stations to be built at a hospital and a school in Bahcelievler, despite a health warning issued by Istanbul Health Directorate.

Another, albeit indirect, danger posed by cellular phones is their effect on computers and sensitive electronic equipment, such as that used on aircraft. Turkish Airlines (THY) press and public relations spokesman Faik Akin told reporters that cellular phones have to be switched off during flights because of the risk they pose to aircraft operating in the area. The electromagnetic radiation given off by the cellular phone, and for that matter, laptop computers, portable CD players and computer games, can distort or even wipe clean flight instrumentation in the cockpit, interfering with navigation and pulling planes off course.

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