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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is consistent worldwide.

You are not revealing any personal information about yourself by visiting our website. None of the content on our website was generated by AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Aegis Corporation respects your privacy. We do not sell, or distribute, information about customers and web site visitors to any party for any reason whatsoever, unless specifically requested to do so by the customer.

Your internet address (IP address), country of origin, type of browser, computer and operating system you use are recorded when you enter our web site. This information is not used to derive your personal information and you remain anonymous and unidentifiable. Recording this information enables us to study user sessions to determine pages and products which are of the most interest, advertising effectiveness, and a means to improve the website user experience for all visitors,

  • Google provides advertising services with organic and paid website analytics.
  • Microsoft delivers advertising services, plus organic and paid website analytics.
  • Yahoo delivers advertising reporting

You also remain anonymous and unidentifiable when adding products to your shopping cart or purchasing products. The items in your shopping cart and your IP address are retained on our secure server and deleted after 7 days, unless you return within that time to view or add items to the cart or complete a purchase. This enables you to leave our website and return within 7 days without losing the items in your cart, provided you are visiting from the same IP address. Note that your IP address may be different for each new session with some online services and if you have this type of service and leave our website, you must return during the same session to retain your shopping cart information.

If you decide to purchase products from our website, you will be asked to provide personal information such as your name, e-mail address, postal address, telephone number, fax number, credit card information and possibly other information. These transactions are totally secure and the information you provide will only be used for the sale approval process.

We provide all visitors with the option of being contacted by e-mail when new product and service information or special offers are announced. If you request to be contacted, we ask for your name, e-mail address and, if applicable, other information pertaining to your request.

Unsolicited e-mail is never sent.


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