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Authorized Aegis dealers are located worldwide.

Please complete this form to receive information about dealers in your area that stock AegisGuard™ Radiation Shields for your requirements.

A response to your inquiry will include contact information for dealers located within 50 miles (81 kilometers) of your location when each of the following criteria are met, or advise there are no dealers in you area meeting these criteria in your area:

  • The dealer has a physical retail business location you can visit to purchase AegisGuard™ products.
  • Our database records indicate the dealer has the products you request in stock.
  • The dealer has requested their contact information be provided to all individuals and companies submitting inquiries who are located within the aforementioned geographic area of their location. Please note many AegisGuard™ resellers and users are physicians, alternative health care practitioners, hospitals, OEM customers, military installations, etc., that stock AegisGuard™ products, but only offer or use them for their own patient and in-house requirements.

Aegis Corporation does not sell or otherwise distribute information about visitors to our web site or customers to any organization for any purpose whatsoever and unsolicited e-mail is never sent. Please see our Privacy Policy for additional information.

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