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Founded in 1974 as D&M Associates, Aegis Corporation has developed and manufactured high quality technology products, services and solutions for customers worldwide.

Our customer, manufacturing and service philosophy is simply presented in a single sentence mission statement:

An absolute commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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United States
Department of Defense
*1974Designed and manufactured A/D - D/A controllers and application software for specialized mainframe and minicomputer commercial and process control applications.
*1976Co-founded International Systems, manufacturer and developer of Antares® 16 bit minicomputer systems consisting of proprietary hardware, operating system, language compilers and application software for commercial and process control applications.
*1978Created an international consulting services division, including sales, marketing, procurement, off-shore manufacturing and joint venture development.
*1979 Designed and manufactured transient voltage suppression products for critical commercial and military applications.
*1984Designed and manufactured data communication products, including fiber optic and serial IBM Mainframe channel extender systems, wireless modems and voice over data modems.
***1988Designed and manufactured initial AegisGuard™ products solely for in-house employee protection applications (See AegisGuard History).
***1994 Created a laser product development and manufacturing division for laser pointing products.
***1995Designed and manufactured LExtender® laser layout tools, laser modules and custom laser products.
***1998Designed and manufactured consumer and commercial AegisGuard™ AegisGuard™ Phone Radiation Shields (superseded by AegisGuard™ LS Radiation Shields in 2005; see AegisGuard History.
***2001 Introduced AegisGuard™ Headset Radiation Shields for wired headsets.


The following products were initially developed under contract for military and commercial electrical and wireless shielding applications.

***2002 Introduced AegisGuard™ XP Radiation Shields into commerce into commerce.
***2005 Introduced AegisGuard™ Life Series LS Radiation Shield 30 GHz. spray for devices and windows.
***2006 Introduced AegisGuard™ Life Series LL Radiation Shields 30 GHz. laundry additive for washable fabrics.
***2006 Introduced AegisGuard™ Life Series LP Radiation Shields 30 GHz. paint & primer additive.
***2010 Announced a 100% increase of lower and upper frequency range shielding effectiveness at 40% greater power levels measured at contact point for all AegisGuard™ Life Series models.
***2011 Announced AegisGuard™ Life Series shielding compound surface upgrade from smooth (specular) to irregularly ridged surfaces for diffused (scattered) EMF/RF deflection.
***2018Introduced AegisGuard™ Life Series 120 GHz., 360 GHz., and 1 THz. standard products.
***2020Announced AegisGuard™ Life Series custom models up to 4.8 THz.
AegisGuard™ Life Series custom models supporting up to 1.1 THz. @ 100 kW.
* Divisions and technologies sold or discontinued.
*** Product information appears on this web site.


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