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Cellular Phone Radiation - Links To Other Web Sites


The following phone radiation related links to other web sites are presented in alphabetical sequence.

See News Articles for articles and published papers addressing phone radiation health issues since 1993 where reprint permission has been granted or is not required.

For those sites providing search capabilities, use keywords such as 'phone radiation' to locate relevant information.

The information on these web sites do not represent a specific position, opinion, or the endorsement of a position, opinion or conclusion by Aegis Corporation.

Please note a new browser window will open when you click any link shown below.

CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association)United States industry association providing consumer Information about wireless phones and technologies
Electrosensitivity.orgBritish information resource for electrosensitivity information.
Idaho Observer - May 2008Generation X-Ray : Child victims of Technological abuse
Microwave NewsNumerous articles can be located using the Table of Contents and 'First' links
Mobile Telecommunications And Health ResearchBritish research program studying the health impact of mobile communications
National Council on Radiation Protection and MeasurementsFee based access to numerous articles and publications
The Associated Bioelectromagnetics TechnologistsBiological effects of man-made electromagnetic fields with respect to humans and the environment.
World Health OrganizationSearch their archives for phone radiation topics.  


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