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Cell Phone Radiation Effects Upon Living Cells


Modeling Electric Potential and Current Flow Inside Living Cells
Each cell shown below is modeled as a thin membrane of low conductivity surrounding the cytoplasm (modeled as a homogeneous conductive material). The cells are connected by gap junctions - areas of the cell membrane that are of increased conductivity.
membrane potential in a 2 cell chain in electric field 1V/mChain Of 2 Cells Immersed In A Conductive Medium
Electric field of 1V/m is applied to the medium along the axis of symmetry. Due to that only one octant of space needs to be modeled. Gap junction connecting the two cells is located in the octant corner. Color shows the potential distribution in the membrane. The red in the figure represents 1.2 microvolts and the blue is zero.

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conduction current outside a cluster of 8 cellsConduction Current Flow In A 2x2x2 Cluster Of Cells
Cluster is in a conductive medium to which the electric field of 1V/m is applied, directed along the vertical axis. Due to symmetry, only one octant which contains one full cell needs to be modeled. Gap junctions are shown as small circles in the cell walls touching the adjacent cells. Red in the figure represents current density of 1.5 mA per square meter while the blue is zero. Cell size is 1 micrometer.

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