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AegisGuard Radiation Shield History
In 1988, Aegis was the first company to publicly state the operating frequency of a wireless device, not estimated thermal Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) measurements, should serve as the criteria for determining safe radiation frequency exposure levels. SAR was wrong at that time, and it is still wrong. Click here to learn why.

Aegis products prevent RF (radiation frequencies) from penetrating the body by deflecting, or reflecting, RF away at an angle opposite from the originating source. No other organization possesses our technology, and it is difficult to comprehend how there can be a more effective method of mitigating the health effects of RF than by preventing it from penetrating the body in the first place.

AegisGuard™ (L) Life Series Radiation Shield products were developed under contract for military, aerospace and/or medical shielding applications prior to being introduced into commerce.

Standard AegisGuard™ Radiation Shield models appearing on this website are tested at frequency ranges presented in the product's specifications, currently between 5 Hz. to 1.1 THz.) at power levels measured at the point of contact up to 25 Watts using globally accepted standards and procedures. See Tests for additional information.


The technology evolving into today's AegisGuard™ Radiation Shields was initially created in-house to protect our service personnel installing wireless voice and data communication systems. It was developed because commercially available shielding products and satisfactory safety standards offering sufficient protection from wireless products operating at 2.6 GHz up to 5 Watts were not commercially available. Aegis was the first company to publicly declare using thermal (SAR) measurements as the criteria for determining radiation safety limits was wrong, and it is still wrong. Click here to find out why.
First AegisGuard Radiation Shield - 1988
AegisGuard™ Phone Radiation Shields were designed for cellular phones and introduced in 1998. This product family incorporated the only proven shielding technology that deflected the controversial near field cellular phone radiation communication frequencies between 100 MHz. to 2.6 GHz. away from the head and neck of a cell phone user. They were discontinued in 2005 when AegisGuard™ LS, a universal spray-on radiation shield for all wired and wireless products with frequencies between 5 Hz. to 30 GHz., was announced. (Click here if you own an AegisGuard™ Phone Radiation Shield).
AegisGuard Phone Radiation Shields (discontinued in 2005)
When the cell phone headset radiation concerns Aegis first reported about in 1998 were published by the British government in late 1999, a family of equally as effective products, AegisGuard™ Headset Wire Radiation Shields, were designed to protect wired headset users and introduced in 2000.


AegisGuard Headset Wire Radiation Shields
AegisGuard™ XP Radiation Shields were developed for specific military, industrial and commercial applications in 2002, and also provided shielding for specific consumer applications, including cell phones carried in a pocket or purse, portable and tower computers, radar and speed measurement devices, toll collection transponders, heart pacemakers and relief for electrosensitive individuals. For most consumer applications, it was superseded with higher supported frequency and power level shielding with lower priced AegisGuard L (Life) Series Radiation Shields for most consumer applications in 2005.
AegisGuard XP Radiation Shields
AegisGuard (L) Life Series Radiation Shields
Supporting high and low frequency shielding applications, 5 Hz. to 30 GHz. standard models were announced in 2005 and 2006. Custom models made to order for specific customer applications thereafter.

Standard models supporting 5 Hz. to 120 GHz., 360 GHz, and 1.1 THz. @ 25 W announced in 2018.

Custom models supporting * 5 Hz. to 1.1 THz. @ 100 kW, and * 5 Hz. above 1.1 THz. to 4.8 THz. @ 25 W announced in 2020.

Custom models supporting * 5 Hz. above 1.1 THz. to 4.8 THz. @ 100 kW announced in 2021.

* These products have export restrictions. Contact us for assistance.



  • AegisGuard™ LP Radiation Shields are an additive mixed with primer and paint for shielding homes, offices, hospitals, factories, etc., and electronic equipment and cabinets.


  • AegisGuard™ LS Radiation Shields are a fragrance free, hypoallergenic spray for shielding wired and wireless products, glass, plastic, substrates, wood and other materials.
AegisGuard LS Radiation Shields

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