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AegisGuard LS Radiation Shields
For Wireless & Bluetooth Headsets
NOTE: AegisGuard™ LS 30 GHz. Radiation Shields (shown above) are the correct product to use for wireless headsets, hearing aids and cochlear implant processors. Click here if your headset has a wire or air tube.

Your headset's radiationIf you must use a phone while driving, the use of a hands free headset in an automobile is a great idea and required in many places by law. If you are not using your cellular or cordless phone protected with AegisGuard™ LS Radiation Shields, it is also sensible to increase the distance between you and the phone by using a headset. But as Aegis first reported in 1998, if you think using a wired or wireless headset is safer than holding a phone against your ear, think again.

The ABC news show 20/20 aired their first broadcast about cell phone radiation and SAR safety standards in 1999. During the broadcast, a wired headset was attached to a cell phone and SAR tests revealed a reduction in radiation emissions from the phone's earpiece. Surprisingly, emissions from the headset earpiece and wire were not tested.

In December, 2000, the British government reversed their endorsement advising consumers to use headsets as safety devices. This occurred after they discovered cell phone wired headsets can channel more than three times the amount of radiation into the head when compared to holding a phone against the ear.

Wireless headsets represent an even greater risk because the wire is replaced with a transmitter and receiver operating with low power at frequency levels between 900 MHz. to 3.6 GHz..


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