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AegisGuard XP Radiation Shields
Laptop, Radar Gun And Other Custom Lengths
Installation Instructions
XP Home Features Models Instructions
Note: Be certain the correct length is ordered for your application. Excluding extendable antenna masts, your product must be smaller than the AegisGuard™ XP Radiation Shield  (Shield). The length and width of the Shield should be sufficient to allow for product movement, such as for laptop applications, if optional VELCRO fasteners are not used.

Click here to download the instruction sheet included with Standard Models, or click here to download the instruction sheet included with Portable Computer, Radar Gun and Custom Length models. Both instruction sheets are in Adobe PDF format and require that Adobe Reader to be installed on your computer which can be downloaded from Adobe's web site at no charge.

Larger imageVELCRO fasteners are not included with custom sizes and can be ordered separately. For permanent applications, cyanoacrylate, acrylic, epoxy, water based and other non-corrosive adhesives can be used for mounting the back of the Shield on various surfaces, or to install a product on the front of the Shield.

Larger imageCustom lengths can be slit, stamped or cut into smaller sizes or shapes by the customer for industrial applications and installed using Standard Model installation procedures.

The following installation procedures can be used for any product smaller than the AegisGuard™ XP Radiation Shield.

A randomly selected portable computer and police radar gun are shown for applications where the Shield will be used like a placemat on a lap or flat surface. For portable computer applications, the top surface of the Shield can serve as a mouse pad and, if required, optional VELCRO fasteners can be installed to hold the product in place.

The tracing and trimming procedures for applications where the Shield will be used on surfaces which are not flat, such as curved walls or inside a flight helmet, are the same as those used for Standard Models.

For applications where the width exceeds 12 in. (30.48 cm), multiple lengths of the Shield can be glued or otherwise joined with a 1 in. (2.54 cm) overlap.

Please click here if application assistance is required.

  • If desired, the Shield can be trimmed to size or shape with scissors. To allow for product movement, the Shield should not be trimmed for applications such as those illustrated where the product is placed on a lap.
  • Trace your product on paper, adding at least 1/4 in. (7 mm) to all sides, and cut out the traced shape with scissors.
  • Place cut tracing on the side of the Shield with the black label (front) and tape it to areas of the Shield that will be discarded after trimming. Carefully cut around tracing. The corners should be rounded to prevent fraying.
Optional VELCRO Hook Strip And Loop Dot Installation
  • Do not touch the adhesive on VELCRO fasteners.
  • Position one or more VELCRO Hook Strips on the side of the Shield with the black label so that your product will be securely attached when the Loop Dots are installed on the product. Remove backing and press down lightly.
  • Remove the backing from a VELCRO Loop Dot and place it on the back of your product in a position that will attach securely to the VELCRO Hook Strip when the product is placed on the Shield. Repeat as necessary.

  • Allow adhesive to set 24 hours. Place your product on the front of the Shield and press lightly. To remove, hold the Shield down on a flat surface with your hand under the edge of your product and use your other hand to carefully lift the product away from the Shield.

Cleaning Instructions
Gently wipe the front of the Shield with a damp sponge or soft cloth and allow to air dry. Do not clean the back of the Shield or use if wet. Do not use the Shield if it is wet, cut, torn or frayed.



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