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AegisGuard LP Standard Models

AegisGuard™ LP Radiation Shields are additives for interior and exterior latex and acrylic primer, paint and other soap and water surface coatings. They are formulated using multiple proprietary shielding compounds microencapsulated in an unscented liquid derived from natural plant oils, and blended with resins and solvents commonly used in primers and paint concentrates. Each shielding compound is effective within a specific frequency range, and each model has a light tint which varies according to its supported frequency range. Primer and paint coverage and drying time are unaffected.

The plant oils dissolve and the shielding compounds expand when AegisGuard™ LP is mixed with primer or paint and applied to surfaces, providing up to 99.998% shielding effectiveness by deflecting and scattering (breaking apart) radiation frequencies (RF) and the fields (EMF) they carry away from shielded surfaces at angles opposite from the originating sources.

Shielding compounds effective at frequencies below 100 Hz., such as those generated by the human body, electrical power lines, transformers, networks and products operating at 50 - 60 Hz., always remain fixed in place.

Shielding compounds effective above 100 Hz. generated by all wireless products and networks remain fixed in place until identical transmit and receive frequencies are sensed on both sides of a shielded surface, such as when using your cell phone or other wireless product in the home. When this occurs, the discriminatory frequency specific compounds oscillate to permit communication between the device and network, such as your phone, and return to a fixed state when the call is terminated. Excluding desired identical wireless frequencies occurrences, other airborne frequencies present outside shielded homes and offices are safely deflected away.

See AegisGuard™ L (Life) Series for additional information about our proprietary discriminatory shielding technology and how users are protected.



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