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AegisGuardLP User Instructions
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AegisGuard LP Radiation Shields
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AegisGuard™ LP is a low odor, very low VOC (<5 gl, excluding 0.0313 oz.) RF and EMF interior and exterior shielding paint additive. It mixes easily with any interior or exterior latex or acrylic primer, paint, and most other soap and water cleanup surface coating brand selected by the user for their shielding protection applications. See below for standard product chemical composition and warnings.

  • Interior surface coating application is recommended to avoid weathering.

  • Shake well and mix entire contents of the 4 oz. (118.29 ml) container thoroughly with up to 1 US or Imperial gallon or 5 liter can of the surface coating.

  • Apply 2 coats to surfaces following the surface coating manufacturer's application, safety and cleanup instructions.

  • Allow each coat to dry thoroughly.

  • Primed and painted surfaces can be top coated with any paint or surface coatings.

  • Use AegisGuard™ LS for shielding the interior side of windows and skylights.

AegisGuard™ LP products have a light colored tint which varies according to its supported frequency range. The 30 GHz., 120 GHz., 360 GHz. and 1.1 THz. model tints are pale green, pale yellow, pale orange, and pale red, respectively.

Adding it directly into paint, instead of primer, reduces the number of required coats by eliminating the topcoat and will not affect shielding effectiveness, but may affect color. This can be tested beforehand on an inconspicuous surface area by thoroughly mixing 1/2 teaspoon of AegisGuard™ LP with 2.5 oz. (75 ml) of the surface coating. Apply 2 coats to a small area, allowing sufficient drying time between coats. If you are dissatisfied with the coverage or color and decide to use primer instead, add the remaining AegisGuard LP and in the opened container and remaining paint/LP mixture, if any, with the primer.

Clean up with warm soapy water.

Leftover paint or primer mixed with AegisGuard™ LP can be stored indefinitely in a tightly sealed paint can, remaining effective for as long as the mixture is usable. 

AegisGuard LP standard models contain smaller percentages of resins and solvents commonly used in latex and acrylic latex primers and paints.


AegisGuard™ LP Radiation Shields
Chemical Composition - Standard Models

Chemical Name CAS Number Percentage
Titanium dioxide 13463-67-7 5
Styrene resin No Data 5
Talc, magnesium silicate hydrate 14807-96-6 2.5
Ethylene glycol 107-21-1 0.5
Nepheline syenite 37244-96-5 0.5
Vinyl acrylic polymer No Data 0.5
Proprietary, chemically inert non-hazardous ingredients No Data 86


Flammable liquid and vapor.
Contains ethylene glycol.
Causes eye irritation. Do not get in eyes.
Allow to thaw at room temperature if frozen.






Made in USA

The HDPE container is reusable and recyclable.

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Please Recycle



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