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AegisGuard Radiation Shields
RF & EMF Shielding Applications
Select your application from the dropdown menu shown below for AegisGuard product information appropriate for your application shielding requirements. You will arrive at the AegisGuard product page for your application, or additional information will be requested for your specific application.

Click here if your application is not listed, or contact us or a local dealer for assistance with determining the correct products and frequency ranges for your shielding RF and EMF requirements.

AegisGuard L (Life) Series (LL laundry additive, LP paint additive and LS spray) standard models provide shielding protection up to 1.1 THz., and custom models up to 4.8 THz., exceeding all regulated allocated and unallocated radiofrequencies (RF) up to 3.0 THz. presented in the current FCC Online Table Of Frequency Allocations (see FCC page) up to their maximum range. They feature unmatched shielding effectiveness protection for homes, offices, hospitals and factories from devices, power lines, transformers, and every fixed and mobile terrestrial, satellite and sea-based wireless antenna and network airborne frequency in use globally. 

They shield unwanted frequencies between 5 Hz. to 30 GHz., 120 GHz., 360 GHz., and 1.1 THz. at power levels from 1 milliwatt (0.001 Watt) to 25 Watts measured at the point of contact. Standard models appearing on this website are used worldwide for RF and EMF shielding applications within these frequency ranges, including electrical, terrestrial, satellite and sea-based 1G - 5G, and first generation 6G wireless shielding applications. Custom models above 1.1 THz. up to 4.8 THz., including future 6G Advanced 3.3 THz. models, are made to order.

All AegisGuard LL, LS and LP models provide electrical and wireless shielding protection from most mass market products and airborne radiation frequencies emitted by current technology handheld and body-worn communication products, appliances, smart meters, power lines, transformers, networks, antennas, etc., present in homes and work environments.

Higher frequency models should be used by users exposed to hospital, military installation, satellite, corporate LAN network, carrier core distribution station, advanced satellite, 4G-LTE, 5G, and 6G networks. If you work in this type of environment, contact your company network administrator for specific RF information to determine the network frequencies present in your environment.

AegisGuard LP Paint & LS Spray Note
In addition to AegisGuard™ LP cost considerations and how long users plan to remain in their home or office, most customers select the next highest frequency model for ceilings than walls, trim, etc., because higher frequencies originate at higher elevations (tower antennas, satellite, etc.) than street level. This also applies to AegisGuard™ LS for windows when using professionally installed window film after application. Homeowners typically recover their full investment when selling the property.

The following network implementation estimates are relevant for the United States. If you reside elsewhere, current and possibly future network implementation schedules may be available in local telecommunication carrier advertisements and their websites serving your area.

30 GHz. models are effective for 1G - 5G, and possibly 6G, mass market handheld consumer, professional and office wireless devices up to 30 GHz. until higher frequency products become available to the public. Higher frequencies are required to support faster communication speeds and user sessions for networks, devices, IoT (Internet of Things) products, mmWave (millimeter Wave) and networks.

1G - 4G carrier networks operate up to 30 GHz.

Satellite networks operate at 26 and 56 GHz. and up to 265 GHz.

Carrier operational, test and development IoT, mmWave, MIMO, beamforming and backhaul 5G device and network 5G technologies from 70 GHz. to 1 THz. for aerospace, automobiles, farming, game controllers, manufacturing, medical, military, transportation and other industries.

4G LTE and 5G-Basic carrier and large enterprise networks currently 86 - 96 GHz., respectively.

5G-Advanced 300 GHz. networks in 2023.

5G- Advanced 600 GHz. networks in 2025.

6G-Basic 1 THz. networks beginning in 2027 - 2028.

6G-Advanced 3 THz. networks in 2029 - 2030.

Current split fiber optic feeds are 180 GHz. (165nm) to 360 GHz. (565nm), and carrier fiber core stations operate up to the 1 THz. range.

Please contact us for assistance with selecting appropriate AegisGuard™ L (Life) Series products for your shielding  application.



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