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AegisGuard LL Radiation Shields
1G - 5G+ RF/EMF Shielding Protection
Shields All Your Washable Clothing
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Safely Shields Your
Washable Clothing
AegisGuard™ LL laundry additives provide safe, hypoallergenic and fragrance-free EMF (electromagnetic field) and RF (radiofrequency) radiation shielding protection to all hand and machine washed clothes and other fabrics.

Using your current detergent, bleach, fabric softener and any water temperature, add measured amount (see instructions pdf) to your machine fabric softener compartment, or final hand rinse, and machine or hang dry. Ironing treated fabrics will not affect shielding effectiveness.

Standard models (shown above) provide proven electrical and 1G - 5G EMF & RF shielding protection to all covered parts of the body up to 1.1 THz. without affecting color, appearance, or texture up to their maximum supported frequency range (see Shielding Applications for important wireless technology considerations and model selection assistance).

This shielding range exceeds all regulated allocated and unallocated radiofrequencies (RF) presented in the current FCC Online Table Of Frequency Allocations, and provides unsurpassed personal protection for home, office, factory, healthcare, aerospace, military, security and government applications from unwanted electrical device, power line, transformer, and all fixed and mobile terrestrial, satellite and sea-based antenna and network airborne frequencies in use globally.

Consistently proven more effective than other personal radiation shielding products, they eliminate health risks associated with metal and other conductive materials grounding to the body. Clothing rinsed with AegisGuard™ LL protects covered parts of the body from both high and low frequencies until the garment is rewashed with detergent and water, or completely saturated with water. Low frequency shielding effectiveness is an important distinction due to the increased number of studies confirming low frequency health risks, particularly during pregnancy and for children.

Since 2006, AegisGuard™ LL has been the #1 doctor recommended RF and EMF clothing protection products for their patients concerned about the adverse health effects attributed to electrical and wireless frequencies and their fields, including adults, and particularly children, suffering from the adverse effects and discomfort of electrohypersensitivity or radiofrequency (EHS, ES, IEI-EMF or RF).

Covered areas of the body are shielded from unwanted radiation by deflection, safely scattering (breaking apart) unwanted frequencies, and the fields they carry, upon contact with shielded surfaces instead of absorbing them, while allowing desired wireless communication to pass through without interference.

Safe, Hypoallergenic,
Metal & Fragrance-Free

They support all electrical, and wireless Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, current 1G - 5G land, sea and satellite device and network, and future 5G 300 GHz., 600 GHz., and initial 1 THz. applications up to their maximum frequency range. This includes current 1G - 3G, 4G-LTE 86 GHz. and 5G 100 GHz. devices and networks, plus forthcoming 5G 300 and 600 GHz. and initial 1 THz. 6G device and carrier WAN and backhaul fixed and mobile terrestrial, satellite and sea-based wireless antennas and networks. Custom models supporting future 6G 3.3 THz. up to 4.8 GHz. and other shielding requirements are made to order. All models are non-conductive, non-absorbent, and contain no silver, copper, graphene, graphite, nickel (toxic) or other metal that grounds to the body. shield unwanted 5 Hz. to 30 GHz., 120 GHz., 360 GHz, and 1.1 THz. operating frequencies with power levels from 1 milliwatt (0.001 Watt) to 25 Watts measured at the point of contact, providing up to 99.998% shielding effectiveness. Custom models supporting higher frequencies and power levels up to 4.8 THz. @ 100 kW, respectively, are made to order.

Prior to the 30 GHz. models product announcement in 2005, 40 different garments were tested for 24 continuous hours each by 3 independent testing laboratories to confirm shielding effectiveness remained consistent without degradation for one full day. A 6 month field test consisting of 100 volunteers was then conducted also to confirm shielding effectiveness did not decline until garments were rewashed with detergent and water, and to confirm no allergic, skin or other adverse reactions occurred. None of the volunteers experienced discomfort or adverse reactions during the tests, and 16 of the 18 volunteers claiming they suffer from EHS adverse effects and discomfort reported significant relief. No allergic or adverse skin reaction was reported by any participant or user following instructions included with the products since they were initially announced.

All higher frequency AegisGuard™ LL models were tested prior to public announcement, and continue to be tested, independently, in-house and at customer locations. EHS efficacy was confirmed by EHS volunteers wearing full-body shielded garments at locations inside and outside high technology customer manufacturing facilities where frequencies up to 1.1 THz. were present. None of the volunteers reported discomfort, and shielding effectiveness exceeded the requirements specified by MIL-STD-285, all ASTM-4935-xx, IEEE 299 and IEEE 802.nn versions,  NSA 94-106, ETSI EN 302 567 V2.2.0 (2020-12), and Human RF exposure limits as set forth in FCC OET Bulletin 65.

AegisGuard™ LL is available in five Models for each supported frequency range, and part of the AegisGuard™ L (Life) Series family of laundry, paint and spray RF and EMF shielding products. They are compatible with all other AegisGuard™ products

See Shielding Applications for assistance with selecting appropriate products for your application.

See AegisGuard™ L (Life) Series for information about their proprietary discriminatory shielding technology and how they protect users.


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