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AegisGuard LL Standard Models

AegisGuard™ LL Radiation Shields are formulated using multiple, proprietary shielding compounds microencapsulated
in an unscented water soluble powder made from sodium bicarbonate, the same ingredient used for baking soda. E
ach shielding compound is effective within a specific frequency range and there has never been an allergic or skin reaction reported by any user following the instructions included with the products since they were announced.

The shielding compounds expand when the powder dissolves in the final rinse water and adhere to fabrics being rinsed, providing up to 99.998% shielding effectiveness by safely deflecting and scattering (breaking apart) unwanted radiation frequencies (RF) and the fields (EMF) they carry away from the body at angles opposite from the originating sources. Safe for all washable fabrics, they adhere to natural and man made fibers and remain effective until the fabrics are washed using detergent and water. The color, texture and appearance of fabrics is not altered or damaged in any manner whatsoever.

Shielding compounds effective at frequencies below 100 Hz., such as those generated by the human body, or electric products and networks operating at 50 - 60 Hz., always remain fixed in place.

Shielding compounds effective above 100 Hz. are frequency specific and remain fixed in place until identical transmit and receive frequencies are sensed on both sides of a shielded fabric. When this occurs, these shielding compounds oscillate to permit signal pas age to the phone while protecting the body, and return to a fixed state when the call is terminated.

Excluding such identical wireless frequency exceptions where communication is required or desired, all other airborne frequencies present while driving, at home, work, or outdoors are deflected away from shielded fabrics worn by the user. The shielding compounds effective above 100 Hz. oscillate only when they are exposed to an identical frequency within their effective range on both sides of a shielded surface. For example, this discriminatory oscillation technology permits cell phone communication when a phone is in a pocket while protecting the body, such as when a call is received or the phone is in stand-by mode.

See AegisGuard™ L (Life) Series for additional information about our proprietary discriminatory shielding technology and how users are protected.

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