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Phone Radiation News Articles And Papers
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Cell phone and other radiation articles and papers presented on this page were published between January - June, 1999, and are listed in descending chronological sequence. Select a date range from the left side of this paragraph for news articles and papers published in other time periods.
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Title Source Date
Can Public Health Policy Decisions Be Made On the Basis of Currently Available
Data On Electromagnetic Field Interactions With Biological Systems?
Allan H. Frey June 28, 1999
Cell Study: Hazards Are Real Wired News June 21, 1999
UK Say's Can't Be Categoric On Mobile Phone Safety Reuters June 9, 1999
University Of Warwick: New Report On Potential Health Risks Of Radiation From Mobile Telephones Microwave News June 4, 1999
Mobile Phones And Health Inquiry Dr. Gerald J. Hyland
Lincoln University
June, 1999
Gap In Protection Against Mobile Phones Reuters May 27, 1999
Nokia Says No Evidence Mobile Phones Hurt Brain Reuters May 25, 1999
Studies Link Increased Brain Tumor Risk With Use Of Cell Phones The Washington Times May 24, 1999
Safe Signals Newsweek May 12, 1999
Mobiles 'Should Have Health Warning' BBC News May 11, 1999
Letter To US National Institutes of Health Department of Health and Human Services May 4, 1999
FED: Pregnant Women Warned To Be Wary Of Using Mobile Phones AAP General News May 1, 1999
Mobile Phones 'May Be Harming Unborn Babies' Daily Mail April 24, 1999
Lawsuit Raises Questions On Safety Risks Of Over Using Cellular Phones Earth Times April 23, 1999
A Call For Public Cell Studies Wired News April 13, 1999
Study: Cell Phone Use Aids Memory, May Hurt Brain The Washington Times April 11, 1999
Insurers Balk At Risks of Phones The Observer April 11, 1999
Are Mobile Phones A Health Hazard BBC News April 8, 1999
Call For More Research On Mobile Phone Health Effects Irish Times April 8, 1999
New Study: Mobile Phones Speed Up Reaction IT On Line April 8, 1999
What's Cooking? The Australian March 23, 1999
Phone Makers Not Liable Chicago Sun Times March 23, 1999
In Denial Over Mobile Phones London Evening Standard March 17, 1999
Is There Really Anything To Be Worried About? Associated Press March 17, 1999
Lawsuit By Former Engineer Says Mobile Phone Damaged His Brain Reuters March 15, 1999
Cell Phones Should Come With Warnings, Says Group CBC News (Web Posted) March 11, 1999
Phones Under Scrutiny Australian News Network March 7, 1999
British Scientists Nix Cellular Usage Amid Health Worries Newsbytes News Network March 1, 1999
Health Scientists Cut Their Mobile Phone Use BBC News March 1, 1999
Loss Of Memory Link To Mobile Phones Daily Mail March 1, 1999
Clock Ticking On Health Research -- Wireless Industry Effort Leaves Issues Up In The Air Telecommunications February 8, 1999
Health Canada Probes Cellphone Dangers - Suspicion Of Ill Effects Refuses To Go Away The Ottawa Citizen February 1, 1999
The Action Moves To Europe Microwave News February, 1999
Endogenous Fields And Human Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes: A Big Breakthrough In Biology. Drs. Tamara Galonja-Coghill and Roger Coghill January 31, 1999
Do Convenient, Little Phones Pose Risk? The Toronto Star January 28, 1999
A Medical Enigma - A Rise In Brain Tumors Sets Off Search For A Reason Minneapolis Star Tribune January 6, 1999
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