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Phone Radiation News Articles And Papers
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Cell phone and other radiation articles and papers presented on this page were published between August - December, 2001, and are listed in descending chronological sequence. Select a date range from the left side of this paragraph for news articles and papers published in other time periods.
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Title Source Date
Hold That Call The Ecologist December 26, 2001
The Child Scrambler The Mirror December 23, 2001
Retailers "Ignore Mobile Phone Dangers" BBC December 18, 2001
Mobile Friends Or Foe? New Straits Times December 17, 2001
Youth, Phones, Troublesome Mix, Two New Health Reports Say Ananova December 03, 2001 
Raising The Alarm - Concerns Linger About Electromagnetic Fields Environmental Magazine December, 2001
Relaxed RF Guidelines Drafted RCR Wireless News November 26, 2001
Cell Phones Change Brain, Some Scientists Claim Reuters November 18, 2001
Children At Higher Risk Of Mobile Phone Radiation Times November 18, 2001
Vodafone Is Named In US Tumour Suit Financial Times November 17, 2001
Employee Cell Phone Use Raises Liability Issues Law.Com November 15, 2001
Courts To Hear Rash Of Cell Phone Suits ZDNet UK November 14, 2001
Radiation Standard To Be Ratified F2.Com November 13, 2001
RF Health Lawsuits Move To Baltimore Judge RCR Wireless News November 12, 2001
Children Absorb Twice As Much Radiation From Mobiles The Irish Examiner November 09, 2001
The WTO's Hidden Agenda CorpWatch November 09, 2001
Media Misrepresents WHO Position On Cell Phone Use World Health Organization October 11, 2001
Mobile Phones May Dangerously Speed Up Brain Response Times Reuters September 24, 2001
Is Cancer A Call Away? Daily Telegraph September 19, 2001
Doctor Gives Backing To Mobile Phone Fears This Is Exeter September 12, 2001
WHO: Cellphone Health Risk Needs More Research Reuters September 07, 2001
'Irresponsible' Mobile Firms Which Target Youngsters Daily Mail September 05, 2001
Mobile Phone Companies Slammed For Targeting Children ZDNet UK September 05, 2001
Mobile Phone Users 'At Greater Risk Of Brain Tumour Independent September 05, 2001
Mobile Telephones In New Brain Tumour Alert Telegraph September 05, 2001
Protect Our Children - Put Up Mobile Phone Prices; If They Can't Afford Them, They Can't Be Harmed By Them September 05, 2001
Study Highlights Tumour Risk Of Mobile Phones Reuters September 05, 2001
Kid's Mobile Phone Ads 'Irresponsible' BBC News September 04, 2001
Scientist Attacks Mobile Phone Ads Aimed At Children Ananova September 04, 2001
Research Call As Mobile Phone Blamed For Burn Marks Irish Independent August 30, 2001
Feds, Trade Groups Could Be Included In Lawsuit Umbrella RCR News August 27, 2001
Study: Hands-Free Mobile Phones No Cure for Driver Distraction Wireless NewsFactor August 17, 2001
Zurich Says It Won't Pay For Cell Phone Brain-Cancer Lawsuits August 17, 2001
Study: Hands-Free Phone Talk Can Distract Drivers Reuters August 16, 2001
Insurer Files Cell Phone Coverage Lawsuits; AT&T Wireless Files Its Own Coverage Action As Well Mealey Publications (Press Release) August 15, 2001
Research Reveals Cell Phone Hazards InfoWorld August 6, 2001
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