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AegisGuard Radiation Shields
Phone Radiation News Articles And Papers
1993 - 1997
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Cell phone and other radiation articles and papers presented on this page were published between 1993 and 1997, and are listed in descending chronological sequence. Select a date range from the left side of this paragraph for news articles and papers published in other time periods.
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Title Source Date
Say That Again? Researchers Plan To See If Cell Phones Could Affect Memory Scientific American December 11, 1997
U.K.'s National Radiological Board Finds Magnetic Fields Appear To Affect Learning In Animals Scientific American December 11, 1997
Ring Of Confidence Sydney Morning
October 18, 1997
European Commission To Unveil Research Project On Health Effects Of Wireless Phones Financial Times September 10, 1997
Belgian Study Says Mobile Phone Use Probably Safe Reuters August 26, 1997
Hard Drive: Peter Cochrane Finds No Absolutes In A Perfect World Peter Cochrane July 15, 1997
Clowns And Cellphones The Australian Newspaper June 24, 1997
Newspaper Questions Whether Government Has Considered "Risks" of Wireless Investor's Business Daily May 29, 1997
Mobile Phones Not a Health Risk, Study Says Reuters May 23, 1997
Cellular Perils: There Is Still No Agreement On The Effects Of Radiation Emitted By Your Mobile Phone. Sydney Morning
May 6, 1997
Cell Phones And Cancer The Australian Newspaper May 5, 1997
Motorola May Take Legal Action Over Health Claims Australian
Associated Press
April 30, 1997
Cell Phones Cancer Connection The Australian Newspaper April 29, 1997
Food And Drug Administration Says Cell Phone Health Study Needs 5 Years Reuters April 09, 1997
Reprogramming: Calling Concerns Australian Consolidated Press March 7, 1997
Democrats in Parliament: Mobile Phones Australian Senate February 12, 1997
How Dangerous Is Your Mobile Phone? Aftonbladet
February 8, 1997
Mobile Phone Use Linked To Alzheimer's Daily Telegraph June 3, 1996
Possible Acute Injury To The CNS Caused By Simulated Mobile Telephone Radio Frequency Fields ETHZ Research Project (1) July 11, 1995
Possible Brain Tumor Promotion By Simulated Mobile Phone Radio Frequency Fields ETHZ Research Project (2) July 11, 1995
Safety Of Cell Phones In Limbo Again Sun-Sentinel September 6, 1994
Are They Safe?  Wall Street Journal February 11, 1994
FDA Letter To U.S. House Of Representatives N/A May 5, 1997
CeBIT - Germans Seek Cellphone Radiation Controls Newsbytes News Network April 1, 1993
FDA Calls For Limiting Use Of Handheld Cellular Phones Newsbytes News Network February 5, 1993
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