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AegisGuard Radiation Shields - The Necessary Accessory
Phone Radiation News Articles And Papers
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Cell phone and other radiation articles and papers presented on this page were published between January - April, 2002, and are listed in descending chronological sequence. Select a date range from the left side of this paragraph for news articles and papers published in other time periods.
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Title Source Date
Consumers 'Show Little Interest' In Data On Mobile Phone Radiation Canberra Times April 22, 2002
Handset Radiation Causes Temporary Changes In Human Cells - Finnish Research AFX April 19, 2002
Concerns Linger About Electromagnetic Fields The Environmental Magazine April 18, 2002
Radiation Up 33 Percent In Next Wave Of Mobiles Courier Mail April 08, 2002
Hardell Brain Cancer Study To Be Published, May Affect Newman Case RCR Wireless News April 05, 2002
Thai Minister Considers Phone Ban For Teenagers Ananvoa April 05, 2002
Will Your Cell Phone Kill You? PC World April 02, 2002
Be Wary Of Cell Phones, Doctor Urges St. Petersburg Times March 27, 2002
Don't Dial And Drive Deutsche Welle March 25, 2002
Study: Driver Response Slower When Using Cell Phone Than When Drunk Knight Ridder March 23, 2002
Study: Talking On A Mobile Phone Whilst Driving Is More Dangerous Than Being Drunk Behind The Wheel Direct Line March 22, 2002
Research Linking Cell Phones, Brain Cancer Gets Court Hearing Baltimore Sun March 03, 2002
Mobile Phone Radiation Gives WHO Director-General Headaches Dagbladet (Translation) February 28, 2002
Federal Court Hearing Explores Link Between Cell Phones, Cancer Baltimore Sun February 26, 2002
Five New Mobile Health Lawsuits Filed Reuters February 26, 2002
Dispute About Standards For Mobile Phone Radiation Levels The Canberra Times February 25, 2002
Patents Prove Cell Phone Dangers? Wired News February 22, 2002
Radiation Still Hard To Prove Wired News February 22, 2002
FTC Charges Sellers Of Cell Phone Radiation Protection Patches With Making False Claims Federal Trade Commission Press Release February 20, 2002
Radiation Shields: Do They ‘Cell’ Consumers Short? Federal Trade Commission Consumer Alert February 19, 2002
Electronic Tobacco America's Network February 15, 2002
Mobile Phone Memory Tests To Be Carried Out The Guardian February 15, 2002
Research On Risks Of Mobile Phones This Is Sheffield February 15, 2002
Lab Research Put Mobile Phones Under New Scrutiny New Scientist February 06, 2002
Mobile Phone Safety Signals Unclear Wireless NewsFactor February 04, 2002
Mobile Phones - And How They Affect Children This Is Leeds January 28, 2002
Mobile Phone Risks: New Research Must Be Free Of Interference The Herald January 26, 2002
Young Get Phone Health Warning The Guardian January 26, 2002
Are Mobile Phones A Health Hazard? BBC January 25, 2002
Government Funds Mobile Phone Safety Studies The Guardian January 25, 2002
Government To Investigate Mobile Phone Safety ZDNet UK January 25, 2002
UK Aims To Resolve Mobile Phone Health Fears New Scientist January 25, 2002
Worries About The Mobile Generation The Economist January 25, 2002
Cell Phone Research Looks For The Authenticity Financial Times January 24, 2002
Wireless Harmless, More Or Less? Wired News January 22, 2002
IEEE Retreats On Relaxed RF Guides RCR News  January 21, 2002
Mobile Phone Radiation Study Tests Brain Cells West Australian January 10, 2002
Knesset Science Panel Takes Up Cellphone Radiation Jerusalem Post January 02, 2002
Mobile Phones Pose Health Risk, Israeli Research Finds Globes January 01, 2002
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