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Phone Radiation News Articles And Papers
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Cell phone and other radiation articles and papers presented on this page were published between July - December, 2005, and are listed in descending chronological sequence. Select a date range from the left side of this paragraph for news articles and papers published in other time periods.
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Title Source Date
Doctors Call On Ban On Mobiles For Teenagers Khaleej Times December 16, 2005
Teddy Bear Mobile Puts 4 Year Olds At Risk From Radiation Telegraph November 29, 2005
Research Firm Forecasts Trouble For Industry Following Court Decision RCR Wireless News November 03, 2005
High Court Won't Hear Wireless Radiation Appeal Reuters October 31, 2005
Do Cell Phones Pose A Threat To Our Health? SLCC Globe October 21, 2005
Mobiles Affect Users When Asleep: Study Sydney Morning Herald October 12, 2005
Officials At Odds Over The Long-Term Effects Of Cell Phone Use Sun-Sentinel October 02, 2005
With So Many Different Findings From Cell Phone Studies, Experts Say It Is Difficult To Get Clear Answers On Health Risks Sun-Sentinel October 02, 2005
Chinese Lab Announces RF-Induced DNA Breaks MobileMag September 30, 2005
Cellphones Are Not Good For The Heart Khaleej Times September 28, 2005
A Cellphone For Kids The Navhind Times September 27, 2005
Electrical Fields Can Make You Sick The Sunday Times September 11, 2005
Long-Term Study Fails To Find Link Between Cell Phone Use And A Type Of Brain Tumor Reuters August 30, 2005
The Case Against Phone Masts Cambridge Evening News August 27, 2005
Skin Rash? Maybe It's Your Cell Phone New York Times August 25, 2005
Mobiles Aimed At Under 8's Set For Return To High Street Telegraph August 14, 2005
Mobile Phones Can Trigger Eye Damage, Fear Scientists Telegraph August 07, 2005
Cell Phone Radiation May Cause Visual Damage RedNova.Com July 25, 2005
Cell Phone Radiation May Cause Visual Damage IsraCast July 25, 2005
Knesset Still Urges Limiting Use Of Cell Phones The Jerusalem Post July 14, 2005
WHO Study Examines Cellphone Risks to Kids ConsumerAffairs.Com July 12, 2005
Are Cell Phones Carcinogenic? The Epoch Times July 04, 2005
Call Made For Phone Radiation 'Labels' ElectricNews.Net July 01, 2005
Wireless Technology and Pesticides: Invisible Poisons Coastal Post July, 2005
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