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Phone Radiation News Articles And Papers
July - December, 1999 
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Cell phone and other radiation articles and papers presented on this page were published between July - December 1999, and are listed in descending chronological sequence. Select a date range from the left side of this paragraph for news articles and papers published in other time periods.
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Title Source Date
Scientists Add Kidney Damage To The List Of Mobile Phone Ills Daily Mail December 13, 1999 
Democrats Deliver Senate Inquiry On Mobile Phones  Australian Democrats December 9, 1999 
Cell Phones Linked To Cancer? The Health Network December 6, 1999
Consumer Group Says Cell Phone Users Should Be Warned Of Health Risk Central News Agency December 3, 1999
Is Your Cell Phone Killing You? PC Computing December, 1999
Rats Exposed To Cell Phone Microwaves Suffer Long-Term Memory Loss University Of Washington November 30, 1999
U.K. Starts Hearings On Safety Of Mobile Phones Reuters November 11, 1999
Soviet Proof That Mobile Phones Do Cause Brain Damage Daily Express November 10, 1999
Mobile Phones A Two-Minute Health Hazard Sunday Age November 7, 1999
Alzheimer's Link To Mobile Phones Evening Standard November 6, 1999
Mobile Phone 'Brain Risk' BBC News November 6, 1999
Scientist Debates Conclusions On Effects Of Cell Phones Web MD November 5, 1999
Rats Dive Into Cell Phone Debate Wired News November 3, 1999
Cell Phone Scare Time October 31, 1999
Phone Cancer Risk Cover-Up, Claims Expert The Australian October 26, 1999
Questions But No Answers About Cell Phones The New York Times October 26, 1999 
Warning On Cancer Link To Cell Phones Australian Financial Review October 25, 1999
World's Biggest Probe Into Mobile Phones And Cancer Sunday Mirror October 24, 1999
FCC: Cell Phone Tests Need Standards Dallas Morning News October 23, 1999
MP's Seek Action Over Safety Fear For Mobiles The Scotsman October 23, 1999
Kids And Mobile Phones: Optus And Toys R Us Should Tell Parents The Risks Australian Democrats - Media Release October 21, 1999 
Cell Phone Cancer Scare: Are You At Risk? PR Newswire October 20, 1999
FDA Letter of Intent For Collaboration With CTIA FDA October 20, 1999
High Anxiety The Guardian October 20, 1999
Industry In Attacks On GPRS Radiation Rumours Electronics Weekly October 20, 1999
Heath Study Puts Mobile Phones Under The Spotlight Again Independent October 17, 1999
Using A Mobile Phone Makes You Age Faster Daily Mail October 18, 1999
Mobile Phones Cover-Up - Firms Shelve Scientist's Warning The Express October 16, 1999
Workers Tell How Health Suffered The Express October 16, 1999
CTIA Asks ABC To Review 20/20 Broadcast RCR News October 13, 1999
Young at Risk from Mobile Phones The Herald Sun October 12, 1999 
Mobile Phone Health Scares The Economist October 9, 1999
Letter To AT&T Chairman C. Michael Armstrong From WTR Chairman Dr. George L. Carlo Wireless Technology Research (WTR) October 7, 1999
Mobile Phone Radiation List Revealed The Independent October 4, 1999
Research Into Phone Danger 'Inadequate' The Guardian September 23, 1999
Fake Brains A Smart Idea Wired News August 2, 1999 
Mobile Phone Cancer Risk Concealed Sydney Morning Herald July 17, 1999
Going Straight To Your Head Newsweek July 12, 1999
Cell Phone On Your Belt Brings Radiation To Liver And Kidneys The Sunday Mirror July 10, 1999
More Questions, More Answers On Dangers Of Cell Phones Baltimore Sun July 8, 1999
Lawyers Probe Mobile Health Risk Liability Communications Week International July 7, 1999
Go Easy On Your Cell, Lest Your Brain Will Go Slow Deccan Chronicle July 7, 1999
Are We Dialing 'C' For Cancer Toronto Sun July 7, 1999
First: Static? Or Frying Brain Cells? The Nasty Debate Over Cell-Phone Safety Fortune July, 1999
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