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Phone Radiation News Articles And Papers
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Cell phone and other radiation articles and papers presented on this page were published between May - July, 2000, and are listed in descending chronological sequence. Select a date range from the left side of this paragraph for news articles and papers published in other time periods.
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Title Source Date
Wireless Warning telecomdotcom July 31, 2000
Is Your Cell Really Safe?  Newsweek July 30, 2000
Heads Get The Call For Ban On Pupils' Mobiles The Express July 27, 2000
PR, Radiation And Bad Science Australian IT July 25, 2000
B.C.'s Cellphone Radiation Levels Safe Vancouver Sun July 24, 2000
Would Mad Cows Use Mobile Phones? IT Director July 24, 2000
Your Cellular Phone Is Killing You Turkish Daily News July 22, 2000
Cell Phones To Carry Radiation Data Interactive Week July 21, 2000
Cellular Phones To Carry Radiation Level Label New York Times July 19, 2000
Brain Tumor Foundation Urges Public To Follow Cell Phone Guidelines National Brain Tumor Foundation July 18, 2000
Help! My Cell Phone Is Glowing MSNBC July 18, 2000
What Risks Do You Face Using Your Mobile Phone? CNET News July 18, 2000
Cell Phone Industry To Publish Radiation Data CNN July 17, 2000
Mobile Phone Cover Advert 'Misleading' Ananova July 12, 2000
Government Responds On Mobile Phone Report Accounting Web June 29, 2000
Cell Phone Standards 'Fail To Reflect Risk' The Courier-Mail June 21, 2000
U.S. To Oversee New Cell Phone Safety Studies Reuters June 9, 2000
FDA To Scrutinize Cell Phone Safety Bloomberg News June 8, 2000
ACA Raises Bar On Mobile Safety West Australian May 30, 2000
How Dangerous Are Our Mobile Phones? We Just Don't Know The Express May 28, 2000
Mobile 'Damaged Nerves' Herald Sun May 28, 2000
MK's Call For PR Drive On Cellphone Dangers Jerusalem Post May 17, 2000
Mobiles Turn Your Fillings Poisonous The Mirror May 17, 2000
Worm Study Raises More Cellular Radiation Worries Newsbytes May 16, 2000
Risk From Mobile Masts Was Hidden The Observer May 14, 2000
British Mobile Phone Report Nothing To Worry About According To Finnish Researchers, But Danes More Cautious Hufvudstadsbladet May 12, 2000
Health Fears For The Mobile Phone Generation Western Daily Press May 12, 2000
Scientist Urges Curbs On Children's Use Of Mobiles Reuters May 12, 2000
The Dilemma Over Mobiles That Menace Our Children The Express May 12, 2000
Britain Urges Caution On Mobile Phone Use Reuters May 11, 2000
Mobile Phone Safety Chaos This Is London May 11, 2000
Mobile Phones Risk To Child Heath The Guardian May 11, 2000
UK Mobile Phone Industry Faces Crackdown Financial Times May 11, 2000
UK To Order Restrictions On Children's Mobile Use Financial Times May 10, 2000
Cell Phone Users Still At Risk For Brain Cancer, According To Swedish Medical Researchers Business Wire - Health Wire May 04, 2000
Mobile Phone Health Risk To Our Children The Express May 03, 2000
Government Health Warning: Mobile Phones May Damage Your Health The Register May 01, 2000
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