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Phone Radiation News Articles And Papers
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Cell phone and other radiation articles and papers presented on this page were published between November - December, 2000, and are listed in descending chronological sequence. Select a date range from the left side of this paragraph for news articles and papers published in other time periods.
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Title Source Date
It's Not Our Call The Mirror December 29, 2000
Studies Divided Over Cancer And Mobile Phone Usage Link Planet Ark December 29, 2000
Kids' Mobile Phone Plea Northumberland News December 21, 2000
Cell Phones Vs. Cancer Debate Continues The Hindu December 20, 2000
USA Says Cell Phones Won't Kill You The Register December 20, 2000
No Link Between Cell Phones And Cancer? Reuters December 19, 2000
Mobile Phones Alert To Doctors Northern Echo December 18, 2000
Doctor's Job Cut After Phone Concerns Raised The Age December 16, 2000
Mobiles Potentially Harmful To Human Cells ZDNet UK December 11, 2000
New Dangers On Radiation For Mobile Phone Users Daily Express December 11, 2000
Oval Cell Findings Reshape View Of Mobile Phone Danger Birmingham Post December 11, 2000
UK HandsFree Mobiles Lose Safety Approval Newsbytes December 11, 2000
Government Says Mobile Phone Use May Carry Risks Financial Times December 09, 2000
Government U-Turn On Hands-Free Mobile Phone Safety The Journal December 09, 2000
Britain To Fund Research Into Mobile Phones Reuters December 08, 2000
Mobile Phones: Latest Advise, More Research 10 Downing Street December 08, 2000
New Mobile Phone Safety Advice ITN December 08, 2000
Safety Of 'Hands-Free" Kits Unsure The Times December 08. 2000
UK Government Hedges Its Bets With Mobile Phone Advice siliconcom December 08, 2000
Mobile Phone Firms 'Fudging Safety Issues' Network News December 07, 2000
The Smaller The Phone, The Stronger The Rays The Australian December 04, 2000
Mobile Phones With A Warning The Hindu November 29, 2000
Cellular Phones: Are They Safe To Use Allan H. Frey November 27, 2000
Experts Divided On Mobile Phone Hazards Reuters November 27, 2000
Mobile Phone Warning To Schoolchildren Schoolsnet November 27, 2000
No Evidence Of Risk Doesn't Mean Phones Are Safe The Independent November 27, 2000
U.K. Mobile Phones To Carry Health Warnings The Standard November 27, 2000
Disney Bans Its Characters From Mobile Phones Ananova November 25, 2000
Mobiles Are Damaging Our Children The Scotsman November 25, 2000
Scientist Warns Of Mobile Phone Peril For Children Ananova November 24, 2000
Are Cell Phone Headsets Safe? CNET Wireless November 15, 2000
The Cell-Phone Scare Technology Review November 12, 2000
High Cost Of Convenience Hartford Courant November 06, 2000
Mobile Phones: Fresh Doubts Over Safety Of Hands-Free Kits CNN November 02, 2000
Teens Trading Cigarette Addiction For Cell Phones Chicago Sun Times November 06, 2000
Fresh Doubts Over Hands-Free Mobile Phones Irish Times November 02, 2000
Hands-Free Phone Safety Questioned BBC November 02, 2000
Mobile Phone Radiation Danger Financial Times November 02, 2000
New Fears Over Safety Of Mobile Kits Reuters November 02, 2000
Hands-Free Kit Concerns Remain Which? November, 2000
Regulating Dr. Frankenstein: Money, Lax Ethics & Clinical Trials Center For Science In The Public Interest November, 2000
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