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AegisGuard Radiation Shields - The Necessary Accessory
Phone Radiation News Articles And Papers
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Cell phone and other radiation articles and papers presented on this page were published between August - December 2002, and are listed in descending chronological sequence. Select a date range from the left side of this paragraph for news articles and papers published in other time periods.
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Title Source Date
13 Countries To Study Cellphones And Cancer Canadian Press December 11, 2002
Medical Facilities Ban Cell Phones Wausau Daily Herald December 10, 2002
Study Says Brain Waves Affected By Phone Use, Draws No Conclusions RCR Wireless News December 10, 2002
Mobile Phones & Cancer Institute Of Science In Society December 02, 2002
Non-Thermal Effects Institute Of Science In Society December 02, 2002
The Excluded Biology Institute Of Science In Society December 02, 2002
Electrosmog Raises Worries Health24 November 30, 2002
Japanese Mobile Phone Firms To Study Health Risks Reuters November 21, 2002
Italian, German Researchers Link RF To Disease RCR Wireless News October 25, 2002
Cancer Cell Study Revives Cellphone Safety Fears New Scientist October 24, 2002
Italian Study Raises Concerns About Mobile Phones Reuters October 23, 2002
Mobile Radiation 'Boosts Cancer Cells' BBC October 23, 2002
New Study Questions Mobile Phone Safety AFP October 23, 2002
Hunting Hotspots Radio Netherlands October 22, 2002
The Body Electric: Are Electrical Appliances Dangerous To Your Health? San Francisco Gate October 17, 2002
Researchers Warn Cell Phone Users To Take Precautions Brigham Young University October 08, 2002
Hidden Menace Or Hollow Scare? Mobiles Get An X-Ray Independent October 06, 2002
New Evidence Links Power Lines And Cancer Telegraph October 06, 2002
Judge Rejects Cancer Link To Mobiles BBC October 01, 2002
Judge: Cancer Victim Can't Sue Wired News September 30, 2002
Judge Ends $800M Cell Phone Lawsuit Baltimore Sun September 30, 2002
Kane Cancer Lawsuit Tossed Out, Lawyers To Challenge Reuters September 27, 2002
Children And Mobile Phone Use: Is There A Health Risk? EMFacts Consultancy September 23, 2002
More Than Half Of Teens Will Own Cell Phones Soon The Michigan Daily September 23, 2002
New Epidemiology Review Pummels Key Witness In Brain-Cancer Lawsuit RCR Wireless News September 23, 2002
Swedish Review Of Cell Phone Studies Finds No "Consistent Evidence" Of Cancer Link Associated Press September 18, 2002
Second Report May Influence Health Lawsuit RCR Wireless News September 16, 2002
Catania Resolution IPESL September 14, 2002
Comments: New Pants With Cell Phone Radiation Shielding Applelink September 12, 2002
Levi's To Sell 'Anti-Radiation' Trousers For Mobile Users ZDNet UK September 12, 2002
Study Links Brain Tumors, Old Cell Phones Associated Press September 11, 2002
Cancer Study May Help Motorola Suit Associated Press September 10, 2002
Mobiles Cause 'Hypnosis' The Australian September 07, 2002
Industry Presses EPA On Letter RCR Wireless News September 02, 2002
The Cell Phone Safety Disconnect Fortune August 28, 2002
Brain Cancer Lawsuit Consolidation Under Fire RCR Wireless News August 26, 2002
Tumour Fears Over Analogue Mobiles The Guardian August 23, 2002
Mobile Telephony Increases Brain Tumour Risk National Institute Of Working Life August 21, 2002
Swedish Study: Increased Cancer Risk From NMT Standard Mobile Phones Helsingin Sanomat August 21, 2002
Non-Ionising Radiation: A Silent Killer Independent August 20, 2002
Cellphones, Radars, And Health IEEE Spectrum August, 2002
FDA, It's Time To Study Cellphone Radiation Popular Science August, 2002
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